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In a next release we will offer job boards to make it easier to find remote jobs and freelance work.

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Attend our meet-ups

Once in a while we do love to close our laptops and meet offline for a drink and maybe a bite or a party, allowing us to get to know each other in person and become good friends.

We also have some ideas for having a nomad developer conference :)


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More from the {dev}Nomads blog:



Finding a routine on the road

a guest post by Courtney Machi
There’s no denying the fact that leading a nomadic lifestyle comes with a high potential for chaos. You’re constantly on the road, waking up in new places, and lugging around all of your belongings in the smallest suitcase or backpack you can manage. It’s understandable to feel a bit overwhelmed just thinking about it. But people do it, and do it well, so there... Read More AboutFinding a routine on the road »
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My First Hackday at Hacker Paradise

Musings of a Newbie Nobody
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{dev}Nomads in Porto

getting work done at Hacker Paradise
We’re halfway now of our 4 weeks stay in Porto with Hacker Paradise and excited that we made... Read More About{dev}Nomads in Porto »
Written by Wouter Vernaillen on Jul 18, 2016