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Once in a while we do love to close our laptops and meet offline for a drink and maybe a bite or a party, allowing us to get to know each other in person and become good friends.

We also have some ideas for having a nomad developer conference :)


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More from the {dev}Nomads blog:




{dev}Nomads in Porto

getting work done at Hacker Paradise

We’re halfway now of our 4 weeks stay in Porto with Hacker Paradise and excited that we made good progress with building the {dev}Nomads website. It's great to finally have  dedicated time to work on this after being caught up in consultancy work.

The Hacker Paradise group has been very supportive towards the {dev}Nomads community idea and are actually helping us a lot to get everything ready. There is a great bunch of developers, graphic artists, project owners, social media and content strategists and even an investor or 2. We definitely recommend this program if you want to travel with a group of like minded people. 

They will be heading to Asia this fall. Jeju Island, Chiang Mai and/or Bali, anyone?


Our plan is to open up a beta version in a few weeks for the people who checked the early adopter checkbox when subscribing to the mailing list.

We really want this to become a very interactive, sharing community, driven by its members, so we are really excited to hear from those who want to get involved in what we hope will become a valuable community of nomadic developers supporting each other, sharing stories and knowledge. Looking forward to hearing your feedback and ideas.

Happy coding travels!!

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