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More from the {dev}Nomads blog:




My First Hackday at Hacker Paradise

Musings of a Newbie Nobody

Sometimes when you get a bunch of developers together, it can get pretty distracting; Hacker Paradise is no exception.

One day, when we had all had enough spinning our wheels, a couple guys mentioned they were taking the next day and doing a 10 hour REACT focused 'hack-day'. Since I was chomping at the bit to get into REACT and understand it a bit better (and these guys had an excellent grasp) I jumped at the chance to be involved.

The only issue was meeting at one of the apartments at 6:55 am. **Sigh** (Let's not make too many comments, please)

Thank goodness someone had started coffee AND kept it going for the duration of the day. We all did a quick stand-up goal statement circle and then got to work. 2 hours later, we all stood up again and restated our daily goals after admitting that the last 2 hours had evaporated in a flurry of emails, finishing up tasks and facebook scrolling. Eeesh!!

Okay, next 2 hours.... Devoted to work.

Not bad!! A coding platform set up and installed, ready to go!

next 2 hours.... lunch!!! of course.

3 hours later, we get back to the place and have an impromptu REACT presentation from one of the team who really knows their stuff. Excellent... really excellent info.

Another stand-up goal orientation and away we went!

2 hours later and I had basically gotten to reading more info on REACT and all the things the presentation had sparked off...

Then... whoops! Time for me to head out! Forgot a meeting.

My Hacker Paradise Hack-day was done! (Its was really focused work, at least when we were all focusing)

Conclusion: Have a plan and all your tools set up ready to go BEFORE jumping at the chance to utilize a hack-day!

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